Friday, September 26, 2008

Rivers Bridge Ramble 11/08/08

Rivers Bridge Ramble looks to be some good riding in the low country. Stop by the shop for more details

Monday, September 22, 2008

Vista Grind Prix Crit

Job Well Done to all the HBW riders who participated in Sunday's events. If ya got any stories of your race or pics you would like to share - post them here.

Jamie hanging in on the Pro 1/2 Race.
Toby S. & James using some team tactic in the Cat. 2/3 race.

Jalyn H. (15) & Dillon L. (12) lining up for the Kids race.

Cross Race, Salisbury, NC 9/28

I may try to head up to Salisbury, NC to hit the first early season 'cross race. I'm just going to throw some skinnies on the 29er and race the hang out of it.

If anyone would like to carpool to split the cost of going up, let me know. I don't mind driving if we can split some gas money.


Race Flyer

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Saturday Road Ride 7:00a.m. 9/13

Tell as many guys, gals, and Toby Porter that we will have a road ride that starts from O'leary's Ortho Office beside DFMS that will leave at 7:00a.m. Pass the word. Damon, if you get this, pass the idea to some of the guys from the other side of Columbia and let's see if we can get them over here for a change. Or, if you have some email addresses, I'll contact them, since I'm just a teacher and Toby doesn't think that I really "work".

I'm down for any pace that the group wants to do; hopefully, we will have some hammer-time moments. Let's try for at least 3 hours?

****edit to the edit*****
I am not allowed to use certain word combinations, so I will just delete all the original edited info from this section and replace it with random ruminations. And in the first place, it was all in jest.

Hey, have you ever seen that funny commercial that has the jingle, "I've got lance in my pants..." I think it is very funny, yes? What a great jingle!

Also, remember to keep in mind that winners never cheat! Only a loser would do that!
**end edit**
****end edit to the edit****
Toby P, please be advised that we will not be taking any dirt or gravel roads along the way...sorry brother.

So, take your chamois cream out of the shower, or night stand, and let's plan a good group ride.

Dupont Ride 9-14-2008

That's right, I am back on the bike.

Come out for a big day in Dupont:

9-14-2008 @ 9:00am

Fawn Lake Parking area (contact me for driving directions if you need them)

Bring lots of food, water and beer. (All your beer is for me)


Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sunday A.M Road Ride 9/14

I haven't posted in a while and it looks as though it's been a bit quiet in here.

Anyway, a road ride, about two hours, is leaving from O'leary's Ortho office beside DFMS--7a.m. Come out if you can.