Thursday, October 30, 2008

Columbia-Roubaix (Repost)

Okay folks, this will serve as final warning...
Saturday is the 1st Annual Columbia-Roubaix
8:30am @ the traffic circle...Fort Jackson
Here's the map...
It has changed slightly from the map I posted a few days ago. It was changed in consideration of the folks from the N.E. who are riding in, across Ft.Jackson. It's all of 2 miles longer...!
Pass this email on to whomever you'd like...the more the merrier!!! The weather is supposed to be great, so get out of bed and enjoy a nice ride!!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Columbia-Roubaix (11/01/08)

What: Columbia-Roubaix
90-ish km of fun through Lower Richland County
Including 7 dirt sections and a couple of choppy tarmac bits
When: Saturday November 1 @ 8:30am (Date may change)
Where: Fort Jackson Traffic Circle
Who: The more the merrier, but you MUST be willing to ride the dirt sections. If you aren't, STAY HOME!
Why: Because you may actually have a good time!
How: Road bikes

The ride will be a no-drop ride, but the dirt sections are every man, or woman, for him/herself. We'll ride 30-35kmh between sections. I figure 3-3.5 hours to do the whole ride.
The dirt sections are in good shape. A couple are smoother than some of the paved roads in Hopkins. There are NO hike-a-bike sections, nor are there any sections that will damage your bike.
I wouldn't take us down any questionable sections because I'd never hear the end of it!!!

Saturday, October 04, 2008