Saturday, December 27, 2008

2009 Lake Loop Cue Sheet (Updated 1/1)

Below is the cue sheet for the 09 route. Mileage may very from unit to unit. All roads are in good shape. Please obey all traffic laws when out on this route. Remember there are many local cyclist who often travel these roads. Please respect this and don't piss off the local motorist. These local cyclist could become targets. Respect your fellow cyclist and have a blast.

Lake Loop 2009 (1/04/09)

00.0 Ballentine DMV parking lot

00.0 L -Broad Stone Rd

00.1 R - Broad River Rd

00.3 R - Bickley Road

01.3 L - US 76 @ light (4 lanes)

01.5 R - SC Hwy 6 (N. Lake Dr.) @ light

05.8 R - SC Hwy 6 @ light across dam

09.0 R - Pilgrim Church Rd. @ light

10.3 R - Catawba Trail

11.7 - Straight across Yachting Rd.

11.9 R - Old Chapin Rd.

13.1 L – Beech Creek Rd.

14.5 L – Wise Ferry Rd.

14.9 R – St. Peters Church Rd.

16.6 R – US Hwy 378 @ light (4 lanes)

24.0 L – Devils Backbone Rd.

24.3 - Straight on Ridge Rd.

26.5 R – Cedar Grove Rd.

27.9 - Straight across Union Church Rd.

27.9 L – Ansel Caughman Rd.

28.6 - Saluda County

28.7 L – Holley Ferry Rd.

29.7 R -

30. 5 R – SC Hwy 391 (caution)

32.5 R- onto Traffic Circle

Rest Stop Convenience Store (VFD EMS)

32.6 R- SC Hwy 391

Newberry Co. (2nd bridge)

38.0 R – Walker Rd.

38.3 R – Ira Kinard Rd.

38.5 L – Houston Rd.

40.6 L – Bethel Church Rd.

41.3 R – Seibert Rd.

44.0 R – Macedonia Church Rd. (VFD EMS)

44.3 L – Wheeland Rd.

46.2 R – Loop Rd.

46.7 R – Stevens Creek (**Special Test**)

47.3 R – St. Peter’s Church Rd.

47.5 L – Westwoods Dr.

48.3 - Straight across Dreher Island

51.0 L – St. Peter’s Church Rd.

51.2 R - Chapin Rd.

51.5 L – Amick’s Ferry Rd.@ light

51.5 R – Columbia Ave. across RxR

53.3 Lexington Co.

54.2 R – Broad River Rd. (US 176 use caution)

59.2 R – Broad Stone Rd.

*Update (1/1) - Cue Sheet is updated from the route map. Due to a reroute the cue sheet will vary from the mapped route. So if you are downloading the route to your GPS be aware.

*Note - the road at mile 28.7 has a name, but I am unable to locate it as of now.

* VFD - Volunteer Fire Dept. w/ EMS

Monday, December 22, 2008

More NYDR 2009

Here's the flyer & here is a route

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Bike League

Hey guys, don't forget the Saturday morning Winter Bike League rides in Greenville and Charlotte! They leave at 9:30am each Saturday morning, start at 2.5 hours in length, and steadily increase to 4 hours by the beginning of the Spring Training Series in Greenville (beginning of March). Typically, they have sprint signs, hill climbs, and are 18-19mph average. You'll find all kinds of riders at these things (the first ride in Charlotte had Frankie Andreau, two guys from DLP, and three riders from Jittery Joe's). These are free group rides, but they're NOT no-drop, so be prepared to stay with the group! Charlotte rides begin at Uptown Cycles OR Per4mance Training (check with me for details). Greenville rides start somewhere else (...I'm not sure where it is this year). - Each city is about 1:15 drive time from Columbia. - Hope to see you guys out there!

Friday, December 05, 2008

FATS 12/6/08

Anyone interested in going out to FATS this weekend?
If so, we will be meeting at Harrell's at 7am and leaving by 7:30am.
Roll call includes Leroy and me so far.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

1/04/09 Lake Loop

2009 NYDR

When: 1/04/09

Where: Ballentine DMV

Well How Far: 62 (+/-) miles

What Time: Roll out 10 A.M

Why: Why Not? You've been waiting for like 360(+/-) days. The time is drawing closer with every breath you take. Yeah that's right the annual New Year's Day Lake Loop is coming up. Please remember that this is NOT A RACE so get that ego stuff out of your system before you show up - Thanks! Feel assure this ride will have the Tobias stamp of approval - Dirt. So leave the TT bars and 18c. tires at home. Bring your sack of smiles and be ready to start the new year off 3 days late. This is and will be a winter group ride. For the returning riders from past years the highlights will include some County Line Sign Sprints, One stop at the Traffic Circle and at least one section of dirt. I will post up the route here in a few days for those who would like to print themselves a cue sheet.

Happy Holidays