Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Back in Action

Rumor around the computer fire is the infamous blue socks will be dusted off and back in action for this weekends short track race. Race this week will be in the dark. Guaranteed to be a whole lot of blue on one person. Good thing it'll be in the dark.

Race 4 of Bank of NC Short Track Series Saturday (12/1). Info here, no sense needed apply within.

Update on this weekend's race - Harrell's Team finishing positions in the Sport Men 40+ Clint Harshaw took 2nd place in a tight race for the overall lead in the series. In the Expert race Jamie Hyatt takes another win on the series and Toby P finds the podium in third.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Lynch's Update

Toby and I put in some maintenance work on Lynch's Woods today. Most of the trail is clear now, but there are still some patches that need a little work. I'm headed back in tomorrow for some more touch-up and then get in a couple of loops on the Paragon.

The erosion-prone power line climb got some attention. We're working on a re-route around that that would increase the length of the climb, add a big sweeper around the rim of a natural bowl on the power line, duck back into the woods at the top of the climb and have a really fun section before joining the trail. If you're out that way, look for the flagging at the top of the climb and try it out up to the power line. Anyhow, it's going to take some time and some sweat, but we hope it will both avoid the erosion altogether and be more fun that it is right now.

We're also going to work on a bridge over the small creek crossing before the rock section. The really tough creek crossing is going to be a challenge because it needs either a curve/corner in the middle of it, or it needs to be around 20 feet long, and will probably require some support in the middle. It's definitely going to take some planning.

Interested in MTB ride

Anyone interested in a MTB ride at Harbison on Sat (11/25) in the am?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Win #3

Congrats Jamie on win #3 in the stxc series. With 2 races remaining in the series, Jamie has a great chance of overall victory to close off an impressive season in 2008.
HBW (Monty, Jamie & Toby) grabbing the holeshot of the expert race.

Monty sets the pace for a rapid start and playing a vital role as temmate for Jamie's third win.
Jamie on his own covering the breaks late in the race.