Monday, April 30, 2007

Lynch's Woods Volunteer Day - Sunday May 13??

Hi folks:

Can we all check our calendars to see about getting together early on Sunday, May 13 at Lynch's Woods for a volunteer trail maintenance day? I've got an 18" bar chain saw, loppers, shovels, leaf blower, hedge trimmer.

I worked yesterday getting the latest trees out of the way, and all is clear timber-wise, except for one log that I can't remember where the darn thing is.

Probably the biggest thing needed is the new vegetation is closing in over the trail and it needs some discrete cutting back. The limbo log on the first trail after the prologue is going to take a bigger saw than what I've got.

I can supply a cookout and refreshing beverages for everybody too.

Check the date fellows don't forget about yo momma

Stumpjump Race This Sunday

Who's up for doing the Stumpjump race this Sunday? I'm going up for the "You kids get off my lawn" class at 10:30 -- and have room for 4 more riders and bikes in the truck. I need to get back by mid-afternoon, though, so I can't stay for the Expert stuff. If anybody's interested in carpooling, let me know.


Saturday, April 28, 2007

MANchester ride Sunday


Trailhead: 9:00
Riding: 9:15

Bring your bike, cus you can't ride without it.


Friday, April 27, 2007

Saturday Road Ride, 7:30 a.m.

The ride will leave from O'leary Ortho beside Dutch Fork Middle

50-60 miles
Med to High pace, or, whatever pace you want to ride.

All are welcome!

This is NOT a "Harrell's" only ride, nor will it ever be. Invite your buddies to come along!

Now....if we could ever find away to get some fresh brewed coffee out there...hmmmm.

Maybe we can Jed to come on out with the Jittery Joe's traveling cafe..

2 Laps @ Lynch's

Dudes and Duddettes,

A couple of us will be at Lynch's around 9:15 tomorrow riding at 9:30.

Lynch's Woods
9:30 AM
Saturday 4/28/2007

Quote of the ride "LeRoy, hold the nipple and twist"

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

BURN, The Discussion


Dollar Bills:
EARLYBIRD(prior to 2/28/07)
ENTRY FEE(2/28 to 4/30)
LATE ENTRY(5/1 to Race Day)
Team Classes

May 26 - 27


Solo Male
Solo Female
2-Person Open
Male Team Open
Female Team Open
CoEd Team Open

So everybody is talking about doing this thing. I cannot decide as I really want to limit my races this year. These 24 hour loopy things tend to get kind of pricey as well. If I decide to do it I am going solo, I just don't feel like putting in the cooperation to making the team thing work. Plus if I ride solo, I don't effect anyone else's race. So there you have it. Now discuss and ride hard.

Quote of the race: "Your going to get dizzy, but not from doing loops." ~Jonathon LaRoy


Saturday, April 14, 2007

2007 Harrells Kit

Come see Paul at the shop to get your new colors for the '07 season. In stock bibs, shorts, jersey, vest, jackets and thermal jersey. New for this season - arm warmers and knee warmers. Check on sizes, shorts seem to be cut small and the arm warmers cut big. Kit looks very professional out on the road & trail. Support your local shop and show your colors.

Thanks Paul

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

No Excuse For No Base 4-15-2007

Alright Monty this one's for you. This is the last chance for Team Tripping On Lactic Acid to get ready for the PMBAR.

So off we go to Harbison for a medium intensity 5 hour ride. I am hoping to keep it right at 10 mph so we can get close to 50 miles in. I know there will be some stops as well so plan for as many hours as your kitchen pass can afford.

LATE EDIT!!!!!!!!! Because of the forecast, we are riding Harbison around 9:15 on Saturday and Manchester at 8:00AM on Sunday.

Where: Manchester
When: 4/15/2007 8:00 AM
Why: Because we can
Who: You know you all need to
How: With your bikes duh, for me: one gear so try and keep up

Quote of the ride: "This ain't no painsy loop around Harbison" Tomato

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Mountain Goat Epic 4/7/2007

Enduro freaks abound. Look out, Mr. Goat Epics has organized a ride involving some pretty hefty mileage. Approximately 50 miles with 11 grand of climbing.

I will most likely be pulling the caboose on this ride and I look forward to it. We are starting at the Black Mountain trailhead at 9:00 for those interested. If you are truly interested and you want more info, let me know.

Quote of the ride "Ride you bike in the mountain beeeeaaaatches. It is fun" ~ Jonathon LaRoy

Lynches Woods on Saturday 7th?

Since the temp is going to drop this weekend, I'm considering getting a good cup of Joe and heading up for a jaunt to Lynches for a hammer session on the mtn bike.

Edit: Toby and I are meeting at the Publix Parking lot (at the end of Broad River) at 8:40. We are going to head up to Newberry for about 2.5 hrs of riding. I can take one more. Give me a buzz if you want to go or leave a message on this thread. I'll check it in the morning.

Any takers to car pool?

I would like to get there fairly early so we can get back.

Let me know!

Quote for the ride: "You get a feeling on certain trails, when you're reacting like you and your machine are like one thing. It's the feeling of physical exertion and speed and technique all wrapped into one." --Ned Overend

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Thursday night HBW ride
Leaving from O'leary's Ortho beside
dfms @ 6:30! Pass the word.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Wednesday Road Ride 4:00

Road ride--leaving from O'leary Ortho beside DFMS at 4:00.

Distance: ~30 or so miles. (probably the "Peak" loop)

Pace:~medium to fast paceline tempo work

Quote of the ride: "Enough with this Sunday stroll...let's hurt a little bit." - American Flyers


Tuesday Night Crit 6:30

Come join us for a little pain management at the Tuesday nigh crit off of Bluff Rd.

Racing starts at 6:30 prompt. 45-50 minutes are so plus 2 laps.

It's a great way to get in some awesome tempo work!