Monday, July 12, 2010

Wednesday Night Harbison Ride: Roll Out at 630pm

Come join us for the Wednesday Night Harbison Ride.
Rolling out of the parking lot at 630pm.

Typically try to hit all the trails and mix it up as much as possible.
Bring your rigid SS or your FS gears. Hold on if you can, we wait at all intersections!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Gateway Park fundraising ride at Dupont hosted by UpState SORBA. The rides are free but we will take donations for the new Flow Park. Plus a raffle with tons of schwag, a SMOKE frame and more!!

Meet at Sunrift (Downtown Travelers Rest) 9:00am May 22nd. Rain date May 23rd. Check for weather and other general updates.

9:00 – 10:00 Buy raffle tickets for gear donated from local shops. Free “safety checks” provided for children and beginner rider’s bikes (Performed by a qualified mechanic).

10:00 Carpool to Dupont @ Guion Farms parking area. You can meet us at the farm check for directions @ 11:30 if you want to skip Sunrift.

We will have three ride groups, beginner/children (4 – 8 miles, intermediate (10 – 15 miles) and expert (20 – 25 miles). We look forward to seeing you!!

This event is being organized by our very own Jonathon Laroy to raise some money for trails in the upstate. It is also a good opportunity to get out and experience Dupont under the direction of a tour guide. If you have ever looked at a map, the place has a few turns. I will be taking the boy up Friday night to camp and hitting the trail head on Saturday to meet up for the beginner or intermediate ride. If anyone is interested let me know.

Check out the website above for some forest information.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Spring Century

Hello all!

One of my clients is fairly new to cycling.  He's been training well over the winter and shed some serious weight.  His #1 goal, though, is to ride a century... in under 6 hours... this spring.  He's already enlisted a few friends to ride support and to help him cut the through the wind - a solo century is not only tough, but boring.

We haven't picked out a venue, yet, and here's where I need your help!  Does anyone know of any a century rides (100-110 miles) that take place this spring? - preferably located in the upstate (he doesn't want it to be SO easy as the flat lands of Charleston, but he also doesn't have the desire to climb Mt. Mitchell yet).

If there aren't any, then I'm going to make one... and maybe we can make it the HBW Team ride for 2010.  The more the merrier!

Thoughts on that?

(P.S.  I'm in pretty bad form myself, so this is going to help me prepare and get back into shape, too!)