Monday, December 17, 2007

2008 New Years Day Ride

2008 NYDR (Updated 1/4/08)

When: 1/06/08

Where: Ballentine DMV

Well How Far: 66ish (ballpark 66.7 miles)

What Time: Roll out 10 A.M

Why: Because the Sunday after New Years most folks will be back in town from their holiday getaways and the hangovers will be history. Besides it will give everyone time to install their new bike parts in time for the ride. Please remember that this is NOT A RACE so get that ego shit out of your system before you show up. Thanks

What History: This will be something like 7th annual - Not sure I've lost count. This route will be a traditional loop around Lake Murray in a clockwise fashion. This will be a self supported ride. So plan for one stop. Stay tuned in here for more info to come. Feel free to respond.

Update 1/4/08 11:27am
Looks like the loop will be counter clockwise this year, new loop same idea. The shortest possible route without all the sketchy highway sections. Planning on hitting the station at the traffic circle around the hwy 391 & 378 area. Something like 36ish mile point. Looks like good weather for the ride.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Series Winners

Final race of the Bank of North Carolina Short Track Series comes to a close this past Saturday. At the head of their classes - Congratulations to Jamie Hyatt Expert Series Winner and Clint Harshaw Sport 40+Series Winner. This draws a close on the 2007 season for most HBW riders. Enthusiasm for the winter short track series in Charlotte has already started.