Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Charlotte STXC #2

Race #2 of the Charlotte Short Track Series

Eric G with his second W in the Sport 40+ class

Toby S. hanging with the leaders in the SS class.
Toby P. hanging in on the SS field.
All Photos courtesy of Arsbars

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Season Opener

Members of Harrells Bicycle World were in action for the season opener for the Winter Short Track Series located in Charlotte NC. Racers were treated to a cold and overcast morning with the possibility of flurries or rain. A good showing of folks eager to start thier season off. A good buzz seeing all the able and willing bodies braving the elements. Teammates Eric G., Toby S. & Toby P. put down the tracks of pain. Eric pulled out a W in the Sport Men 40+ then hopped into the Single Speed class finishing in the top ten. Toby & Toby were ready to mix it up in the SS class. Toby S. pulled out a podium in 3rd & Toby P. survived to finish in 6th.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Year ride pics

James and Toby

eric and nick

doug, steve, toby



Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Rainy NYDLL '09

As the green covered the radar, an uneasy feeling crept into my inards. There will be some crazy bike riding fools show up and ready to ride in the rain around the Lake. As I pulled into the DMV praying that no one shows the cars began to appear through the pines. Guess this means I'll have to man up and ride.

A much smaller group than last year, largely in part due to the precipitation I guess. There were 10 brave souls to start the '09 route. I would spoke up for a shorter hour to hour & half ride that was shot down. No takers. A bunch of bad asses I guess. Out numbered we pushed out the DMV around 10. Luckily the temps were around 50* and little to no wind. This would make the ride more bearable.

Along the route no real problems. It wasn't till the turn on Devils Backbone that some fool decided to past us on a tight bride. The a**hole then ran an on coming car off the road. Later a near miss with the fastest squirrel ever. A stop at the traffic circle. Very foggy along Hwy 391, with traffic.

Navigated the back roads of Western Chapin, to hit the special test. The test put us on Stevens Creek Rd. for some dirt road action. The dirt was more like mud and slick red clay. Overall one of the smoother sections of dirt in the area. Heading into Chapin the group kinda exploded into an everyman for himself fomation. Scattered riders heading home up Hwy 176.

Finishing up with th rain still coming down. No one yelled at me so it was a success for the ride. I think the total came to 65 miles in something like 3:20.